Friday, September 27, 2013

Yo prosperous artists! and artistic history buff lookie loos!

I have walked down Francisco in North Beach and wondered so many times what was behind the orange door... so when it was open on Zephyr tour this week I was so happy to look inside- and find high ceiling-ed side by side art studios, with a little yard that opens onto the cute alley behind.


So I must diverge from the earth based real estate and rave a little about this place, alas not my listing, go Stephano) which was "built by Henry Temple Howard for renowned local artists Adaline Kent and Robert Boardman Howard. The studios remained the creative hub for their painting, sculpture, family and community for over four decades."  

"The fireplace chimney reliefs are the actual plaster models for the large bronze fireplace-in-the round made by Howard, originally for the Badger Pass Lodge, and now located at Yosemite Lodge". He also painted the mural in the mural room.

Such a high bright wonderful space, a large scale sculptor or painters dream. It's open 2-4 Sunday, Sept 29, if you want to see a special piece of SF history while you can, it should be a gorgeous weekend in North Beach.

Oh, and if you are even more prosperous, here's another amazing space for art...

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  1. I was in here in the late 90's. I remember wood siding all over the walls. It was old school bohemian--like Maybeck. Spectacular space, redolent with the musk of good free-spirited hedonism after the turn of the 19th century.