Friday, December 2, 2011


I am just back from visiting my daughter in that most walkable of cities, New York. I walk a fair bit here, but with real estate I spend a lot of time driving. After my legs got used to walking everywhere, I felt so energized, and found myself reluctant to get back in my car. I made the mistake of saying that out loud, so sure enough, my car started making awful noises, so I took it in to the honest and excellent Garry at Emerald Auto

So now I must walk and bike and transit for at least a little while. Which reminds me to discuss the wonders of walkability

San Francisco Walkability Map

While I have blathered on before about our wonderful park and wildland hiking options here, walking or cycling with a practical destination is also so satisfying.  Golden Gate Trailblazer Where to Hike Walk Bike in San Francisco Marin is a wonderful resource. 

More and more people are realizing how much walkability adds to the quality of life. Hence the creation of the walk score. The good news is, San Francisco is 2nd only to New York  in walkability (of the largest 50 American cities). Many Marin neighborhoods are walkable as well.   

Wilderness Press

The benefits of walkability are legion. Enhancing walkability and cycleability is such a large part of creating great public spaces. Seniors can maintain their independence, kids can channel some of that energy, and we can interact with our place and community and enjoy the beauty around us without fearing an accident. Happiness (and therefore real estate value) increases where there is  greenery, and walkability

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